Self-Service Analytics
developed for and
driven by business users.

Predictive Analytics powered by Machine Learning, AI and Data Visualization.

Sertics ™ is a disruptive, AI-based analytics platform that brings the power of Predictive Analytics directly to business users. By automating complex technical tasks such as data mapping, database creation, model selection and data visualization, business users can transform raw data into predictive and prescriptive visualizations in minutes.

Data Lake Creation

Sertics' drag-and-drop data lake creation interface accepts many file types, including XLS (X), CSV, XML, SQL, CDC and HL7. Then, Sertics takes care of validation, normalization and cleansing.

Machine Learning+AI

Sertics is founded on Machine Learning and AI. It uses these technologies to interpret massive amounts of data, spotting trends, patterns and hidden insights. Then, it selects the best models for the data.

Data Visualization

After Sertics analyzes the data at hand, it selects the interactive models that will convey the discovered insights clearly. Sertics comes equipped with 100+ models with more being added to the platform every day.

How it works


Sertics transforms Business Analysts into AI and Analytics experts! This is made possible thanks to its AI-powered automated model selection, which is based on each businesses unique data sets. Creating a robust data lake is simple, too, thanks to Sertics’ drag-and-drop data consumption interface.


Sertics provides Rapid Implementation from raw data to predictive insights in weeks – not months! Sertics normalizes and cleanses raw data sets in minutes. Next, it provides profound business insights and interactive data visualizations any subject matter expert can understand quickly. No data scientist required!

CEO, Kishore Khandavalli

"Data is only valuable if your team understands how to
put it to work.

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