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Fully-Integrated End-to-end Data Lake Creation

Sertics offers a fully-integrated, end-to-end, user-friendly data lake solution that fosters business users to avail data, in its native format. With Sertics, rapid development and creation of data lakes are feasible. The solution also has a drag and drop feature and supports multiple data types such as XLS(X), CSV, XML, SQL, CDC, HL7, and more.

Furthermore, by availing data lake solution, business users can accelerate data analytics and promote future proof business. From Sertics Customers, it is noted that an astounding 80 percent reduction in overhead costs due to manual labor, infrastructure requirements, and drawn out lead times.

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Data Management-Ready to Use Data

The data from the data lake consists of a diverse array of datasets (unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data) that cannot be readily used. This is where data management comes into the picture. By automated data cleansing and normalization, the raw data is converted into useable data.

In addition data management also consumes and updates data on a real-time basis through IoT and other compatible applications based on the client’s preference. Apart from that, Sertics also enables access to third-party data sources such as international stock markets and more.





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Data Visualization- Making Complex Datasets Simple

By utilizing the visualization tools, data is converted into visual insights. These insights can handle multiple datasets in a single visualization promoting smarter and faster data-driven decisions. It can be represented in the form of images, charts, diagrams, videos, and more. For instance, business users can use data visualization tools to create dashboards, project reports, sales and marketing materials, and more. What is more, is with Sertics, clients can integrate with top-notch data visualization tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.

Low Code/ No Code Solution- Build Applications at Ease

By harnessing these insights, applications can be built with ease using No-code/Low-code solution. This solution saves the developers from their mundane tasks of writing code line by line. Even non IT professionals can build applications seamlessly with this solution. The traditional system pales in comparison with the development and deployment rates. Moreover, this solution also aids in modernizing legacy applications and supports emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and the internet of things. Furthermore, unlike legacy solutions that limit the number of users, No-Code/low-code solution can be used by the entire organization extending to your customers and partners.


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Data Governance- Ensuring Trusted Data

With data lakes storing data from a myriad of data sources, the reliability of these sources is questionable. That is where data governance springs to action to ensure data is secure and reliable on a real-time basis. Clients can customize user-defined access, data security protocols, and policy compliance. It is noted that employing data governance assists in reducing cost of quality issues. Furthermore, to keep pace with the current critical regulatory landscape, Sertics also ensures that the solution is compliant with CCPA and GDPR requirements.